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A Community Guide to Long-Term Player Development

2019 Outdoor U5 Program


LTPD is a model of athlete development that parallels what doctors and psychologists have long used to better understand human development: as a series of distinct stages, which take us from infancy through adulthood. A person’s abilities, behaviour and emotions, as well as their understanding of the world around them, varies from stage to stage.

Sport science experts have identified seven stages of development—each with its own physical and psychological characteristics—that form the basis for LTPD. When young soccer players are able to train and compete in an environment that’s appropriate to their stage of development, they not only perform at their best, they also have more fun. 

LTPD is designed to give players an optimal soccer experience at every stage by putting their needs front and centre.


The First Three Stages of LTPD

The first three LTPD stages, which guide development  up to age 12, are built around small-sided games.
There  are no league standings for these age groups; the focus is on learning and fun.


(U-4/U-6 M/F)
Gives the youngest players the opportunity  to develop basic movement skills like running, jumping, landing, kicking, throwing, and catching in a fun setting built around informal play and positive reinforcement. 

2019 Outdoor U6 Mixed Program


(U-6/U-8 F, U-6/U10 M)
Allows children to develop their movement ABCs— agility, balance, coordination, and speed—and learn the basics of the game while emphasizing fun, cooperation, and maximum time on  the ball. 

2019 Outdoor U8 Girls Program


(U-8/U-11 F, U-9/U-12 M)
As children become  more able to reflect on their actions and learn from mistakes, the focus is on learning by doing, building a larger repertoire of soccer movements and teaching the basic principles of play in a fun and challenging environment.

2019 Outdoor U10 Boys Program


As children move into adolescence, official league standings are introduced and the game becomes more competitive, with more emphasis on strategy and tactics. With a steady increase in training time over the next three LTPD stages (4-6), a move to larger-sided games and year-round play, the most advanced players are given opportunities for further development with the Canada Soccer Pathway’s EXCEL program. Others may decide to continue playing recreationally, moving straight to LTPD stage 7. 

VIsit KNSC's Competitive Program Pages for Details.

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