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OBJECTIVE: To observe, identify and recommend players within the club to technical managers for the purpose of  being placed on a team in our competitive streams.

a) Talented Player Identified

Step 1:

  • Player identified by any technical staff within KNSC, or
  • Player recommended to technical staff by external source

Step 2:

  • A discussion with the team volunteer coach by the Recreation Technical Manager occurs to establish a history on the player, on and off the pitch.
  • If this discussion proves to be positive and an agreement is made that the player should be considered to play in a competitive stream, continue on with the process.
  • More long term observation can be conducted.

Step 3:

  • 4 Corner evaluation to be completed by the Technical Manager.

b) Competitive Coach Notified

Step 1:
  • The Technical Manager contacts the age group head coach of the identified player to gauge interest and need on their team roster.
  • If there is interest or need, dates are set for the competitive coach to come and observe 2-3 games/sessions of the identified recreation player.
  • If there is no room on the team roster, or no need for the player on the roster, the process ends here. The 4 corner player evaluation to be kept on file for next relevant season.

Step 2:

  • Competitive coach completes 2-3 observations and reports their decision back to Technical Manager.
  • Player will either be asked to continue to train with team for 3 additional sessions or the coach will suggest the player is not yet ready.

c) Contact with Player and Parent

Step 1:

  • An email and/or discussion with the recreational player’s parents, or guardian, takes place informing them of the opportunity to attend 3 sessions with the competitive team at their age group.

**Note: These sessions are meant to be a experience for all parties involved, that will give everybody the best chance to assess the opportunity.

  • The email from the Technical Manager should include all relevant information including: 
    - Potential team fees in the short or long term future
    - The competitive team’s training and games schedule
    - The competitive coach’s name and contact information
  • This formal invitation should note the possibility that the recreational player may or may not like the competitive environment, in which case they can always return back to their recreational team

Important Note: It is imperative that there is no pressure put on any player to play with the potential new team.

d) Decision Made by all Parties

Step 1:

  • Competitive coach offers a position on the roster to the recreation player
  • If accepted; proceed to Step 2
  • If declined, process ends and player returns to their recreational team and schedule.

Step 2:

  • Recreational player migrates to new competitive team’s training and game schedule

Step 3:

  • New registration fees for the next season will be collected at time of registration for the following season

Step 4:

  • The KNSC will keep copies of all evaluation forms pertaining to the process.

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