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KNSC 2020 Outdoor Contingency Plan

By L. Abate, GENERAL MANAGER, 04/15/20, 2:00PM EDT


The KNSC has been, and will continue to abide by all restrictions and regulation as required by all levels of government, health authorities and our sport governing bodies.

We thank all of our players, parents, coaches and volunteers for their support and cooperation as we navigate through these unprecedented times. In light of the uncertainty of when we will be permitted to return to play we have developed a series of  contingency plans in preparation for a range of different return-to-play scenarios.

Our Operations and Technical staff are working behind the scenes in an effort to prepare for whatever scenario comes to light once we are permitted to return to play.

The KNSC is prepared to adapt schedules, team assignments and player ages when division capacity is at risk.

Measures to Facilitate the Season

In no particular order, adjustment measures being considered include but are not limited to:

  • Season extension into end of September and/or October
  • Establishing Saturday or Sunday (or other day) as a designated 2nd game day for each division to use as needed
  • Facility transition from outdoor to indoor gyms and/or turf (based on availability)
  • Virtual Technical Training

A high level overview of when we may look to introduce these measures: