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Message from KNSC President - Dr. Michael Cianforne

By Dr. Michael Cianfrone, PRESIDENT, 04/08/20, 2:30PM EDT


I would like to send a message to our KNSC families not only as Club President but also as a Healthcare Professional who is heavily entrenched in this current abnormal situation.

All information we receive from Canada Soccer, Ontario Soccer and especially from Public Health Authorities is being used to make sure all our members will be safe.

Although we have ongoing information and updates, there still remains many questions and uncertainties which may create doubt and  fear.

I feel that our children are most susceptible to this fear. I am therefore asking that our parents present this abnormal situation in a calm, reassuring but realistic manner. Make them feel safe and secure.

As parents we need to be well informed and to keep up with public health updates.

We need to focus on things we are able to control especially when it comes to social distancing, good hygiene and to remind our kids not to touch their face.

We need to support our children through this change in their regular routine and make sure they keep physically active. Log on to our website where our Director, Technical Development has presented various activities in order to keep players busy and physically engaged.

With all this extra time that has been presented to us, make yourself available to listen and talk to your children.

COVID-19 has created a new world for everyone but let your children know that this too will pass and we will return to a “regular” life as soon as safely possible.

Stay well and stay safe.

Dr. Michael Cianfrone
President, KNSC