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Our Mission

The KNSC mission is to promote and encourage youth to participate in the game of soccer, and to foster sportsmanship by developing both soccer players and responsible citizens. 

Our Vision

The KNSC vision is to continue building a sustainable organization by improving all aspects of our club on an on-going basis. We strive to inspire our players to be the best they can be and to give each one the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential by developing and preparing him/her for the future, both on and off the field. We will continue to focus on the longevity of a player’s development as opposed to short-term results or success

Our Values

Integrity, honesty and transparency are the pathway to credibility for our club. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and sportsmanship. At the same time, we have the self-honesty to admit when we are wrong and the courage to change and to right any wrongs. 

Our History

This year marks our 26th Anniversary and the Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club continues to experience continued growth and soccer development  in our communities.

Originally from North York, the Pineto Soccer Club with Rosanna Balducci as the President, moved to Kleinburg in 1993 to become the Kleinburg Pineto Soccer Club. Our foundation began with the vision to nurture this wonderful sport and develop the young people in our community.

The Club encountered a number of challenges and difficulties before establishing itself as a full member of the York Region Soccer Association and as a community service organization with the City of Vaughan. The Club originally consisted of a total of five rep teams with only one main field at their disposal.

In 1995 under the leadership of the club's new President, Adrian Cianfrone and his dynamic group of volunteers, endless hours of devotion were spent promoting and developing our House-league program. It soon became evident that the population of Kleinburg was too small to provide programs for all age groups. The Club decided to expand its boundaries to include it's natural choice, the community of Nobleton. Like Kleinburg, Nobleton had a strong community sentiment and identity. The Club was renamed the "Kleinburg - Nobleton Soccer Club" to promote equal partnership with the new area and a new logo, the "K.N.S.C Lions" was developed. The "Lions" was to recognize a team from many years ago, the "Kleinburg Lions".

In early 1996 volunteers from both communities promoted the Club, the house league and yielded 227 registrations that evolved in a 21 team house league, a split between Kleinburg and Nobleton. The Club held its first house-league tournament on Nobleton Day with each player being asked to bring a donation to the Food Bank as the registration fee. The executive envisioned a club that stressed cooperation and team work and in this regard chose to not reward individual players. They believed that every house league team should be balanced whenever possible since it's only fair and more fun when teams of equal ability play and encourage equal play among all players. All the members felt that soccer should be a rewarding experience where young players could be influenced in a positive manner to help them grow up into responsible adults. From the inception of the House League program, the Club chose not to have scores or standings which was quite a new concept for that time.

Our competitive division yielded 6 teams with 93 players. Some of our Rep teams this year won their League Championship, leagues cups, tournaments and one of our teams qualified for the Ontario Summer Games. This is truly an outstanding accomplishment by any standard for a new young Club.

KNSC Clubhouse Wall Mural painted in 2018 by Matthew Poropat in honour of the Club's 25th Anniversary

The Club has increased steadily and in order to meet this growth the Club introduced several new programs. Coach and referee development, head convenors for all age groups with customized programs, goalie clinics, player evaluations, select programs and a rep program that is disciplined and reflects the mission of our Club. The Club is also committed to promote youth employment by providing opportunities in refereeing and administration support.

In 1998 the Club became one of the three Hosting Clubs for the City of Vaughan International, C.O.V.I. one of the largest tournaments in Ontario and agreed to work together for future endeavors. During these formative years, the K.N.S.C. executive had the Club incorporated and emended its constitution.

In 1999 our rep teams had and extremely successful season. Our Lions 87A-U12A boy's team had an incredible season winning the Club's first Ontario Cup, were League Champions and won 7 major tournaments. The programs provided by the Club and the continued commitment from the volunteers were starting to show in the development of our young athlete's. The house-league continued to grow now fielding 36 teams and our Rep teams remained at 11. The Club organized and developed the Youth Indoor Soccer League to provide year round soccer and an indoor Competitive League for girls.

In 2000 the house league grew to 44 teams with 10 Rep teams. In this year the Coerver coaching method was introduced as a soccer skills teaching method for our house league players. The Club's founding team the Lions 81 retires after their 8th year playing a year up and winning the Regional League and Cup.

In 2001 our President, Adrian Cianfrone stepped down after 9 years of dedication and commitment to these communities, but not before receiving confirmation that lights would be installed at Bindertwine, the Club's home field. This endeavor had been an uphill battle since the Club's inception. 

The Club's new President Claudio Tersigni was elected and continued to lead this Club in its mission statement of fair play, balanced house league teams, positive coaching, open registration and good sportsmanship.

In 2002 the Club hired a Head Coach, Bassam Naim who brings with him many years of experience as a player, a provincial coach and as a technical director. Bassam was committed in developing a plan along with the Board of Directors for the house league and competitive program's which took the K.N.S.C. to the next level. The Club  grew to 58 House league teams, and 12 Rep teams, for a total of 880 players. 2002 also brings the "Ultimate Indoor Soccer Academy" providing additional year round training for our players.

As the Club celebrated its 10th year Anniversary  it grew to over 1000 players with 13 rep teams and a strong house league program.

At the end of 2010 Claudio Tersigni stepped down after a 10 years of dedication and continued the high moral standard which this Club prides itself. The Club thanks him for all his work and commitment.

In 2011 Dr.Michael Cianfrone was passed the presidential torch to continue in the same spirit as his predecessors. Michael was well prepared for this new challenge by having a long history with the Club serving as House League Coach, House League Convenor, Rep. Coach, Rep. Manager and serving over 15 years as a Board Member.

The 2011 year brought many new awards and recognition to KNSC. The OSA recognized us as a Club that runs at the highest standards and we were presented with the very prestigious  Club Excellence Gold Award. This same year KNSC was one of the few teams chosen to partner with TFC and became a member of their Club Affiliation Program. Many of our elite players are now part of the TFC Academy. After many years of hard work and countless obstacles faced by many members of our Board, the dream of having our own turf field became a reality in the summer of 2011. This field has greatly enhanced the quality our soccer programs and development. This was also a landmark  year as our KNSC Lions '97 Red Team won the Ontario Cup and then went on to Newfoundland and  became the U14 National Champions.

In 2012, the Club continued in it's winning ways. Two more Ontario Cups were brought home as the U16 Red team and the U21Red team both won the titles as Ontario champions. 

The Club's growth and accomplishments continued with every year. It was felt that one of the main goals of KNSC was to provide technical excellence, especially in the formative years. To accomplish this, the KNSC Academy was started in the spring of 2009 under the guidance of Luciano DiLoreto as the Academy Director. The Academy, both summer and winter, provided training by highly qualified coaches to all level of players including house league, rep and elite levels. Luciano went on to become the Club's Technical Director in 2011.

 As we reflect on our past accomplishments and continue to grow, the Club agrees that there are something's that will never change. The club is committed and will continue to strive in the development of each athlete from age 4 and up at all levels of play and to provide programs so that each player may achieve their potential.

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