U8 Boys Division News

For the this Outdoor Season: 

  • 4 vs 4 players and 1 goalie
  • all games played on a full mini field
  • Coaches and Sponsors needed. 

For the location of the field see "Maps" or - Click Here

KNSC is pleased to embrace this Grassroots soccer program (Game Leader Program) as launched by Ontario Soccer (OS). The intent of the small sided game is to introduce players, and coaches to the game, while encouraging learning, development and overall enjoyment of the sport of soccer.The game leader program is an introduction to “officiating” in children's soccer games. The main role of a game leader is to keep the game moving while limiting stoppages and assisting players with all restarts without blowing a whistle. Game leaders will be sensitive to the age of the children understanding that they are learning, showing patience and flexibility to ensure all players are involved and having fun.

image005The game leader, in this case, volunteer coaches, will always be approachable and enthusiastic. Creating a positive, fun safe environment for children to play in will help in the children enjoy the experience and therefore be happy to return to participate more. The role of a typical game official has changed at these young ages from being the “adult” in the middle who blows a whistle when a law has been broken, to being a person who can communicate effectively and appropriately with children, can create a fun, positive learning environment and assist them in their understanding of the game.

What exactly does that mean for players, parents and coaches? Each game is now being managed by an OSA accredited Game Leader who will supervise and encourage the children to play the game correctly. There will be one appointed Game Leader for every team. No match officials (referees). The Game Leader is 100% in charge of the game and is able to assist his/her players on the field at all times. Each team will be provided a Game Leader in which they will be on the field on game day. The game will have similar rules to that of a regular soccer game with some changes that each Game Leader will be made aware of. Parents should create a safe, enjoyable and positive playing environment for the children and do not emphasize winning or losing.