Rep Academy

To Provide:

1. an emphasis on the development of fundamental techniques in passing, dribbling, receiving and finishing. The continuous repetition of these techniques will strengthen each player’s technical abilities and confidence, bringing new life to their game.

2. the guided implementation  and reinforcement of  the Long Term Player Development philosophy created by the Canadian Soccer Association in respect to the following Strategic Initiatives:

      • Learning to Train (U8 – U12)
      • Train to train (U12 – U16
      • Train to Compete (U16 – U20)
      • Train to Win (U20 +)

3. a sense of Pride, Passion, and Perseverance throughout the entire Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club allowing the players, coaches, and parents to bring a sense of belonging to the entire Kleinburg and Area community.

4. best practices for elite player development from the U8 through U18 age categories

5. logical and integrated training and practice programs for our club coaches

6. basic KNSC rules and terminology such as proper uniform wear and game time communication skills to be used throughout all age groups within the club in order to ensure a more consistent and professional group approach.

7. all players with the opportunity to have more touches on the soccer ball giving them the confidence to participate in any game with a more positive and meaningful outlook.

8. all players with more individual teaching time focusing on specific areas of their development that require specialized attention.

9. all players with the confidence to be more physically efficient and creative on the field.

10. an affirmative Coaching Mentorship Program for Club Rep coaches whereby each member of the KNSC Soccer Academy technical staff will be assigned coaches from various age groups and assist and guide them with their professional development. This may include but not necessarily limited to the preparation of a seasonal plan, game time mentorship, game analysis, distribution of resources, and player evaluation.

11. quality coaching resources for all registered KNSC Club Rep coaches through the extensive use of emails, articles, books, resource packages, instructional manuals, DVD’s, and coaching clinics as prescribed the Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club.

12. coaches with the confidence to create more organized, consistently high quality training sessions throughout the entire year.