KNSC OPDL Trials for 2018 Season

tryouts opdlPlayers who have aspirations, talent and motivation to play at the top level are encouraged to register for and take part in the KNSC OPDL trials. Rules around player movement have changed to allow for OPDL participation.

Players must Pre-Register for Trial Dates by submitting the Online KNSC OPDL Trial Form (here) 



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Guiding Principles

  • It is required that all OPDL License Holders commit to supporting and promoting a responsible and progressive evaluation and assessment process for players.
  • This would include the removal of the reference to and promotion of the “tryout process” and mentality in favor of a “trial approach.”
  • The OPDL does not support 'walk up' evaluation of players which means the player has not previously contacted the organization and made them aware of their intent to attend a trial.
  • All interested players should contact the member club Technical Director/Club Head Coach to gain further information on the recognized process for that particular club.
  • All OPDL License Holders should have online procedures for players to sign up for all trials so that a list of names can be generated to cross reference against the players that show up for the trial.
  • New player commitment letters can be completed and signed between a player and an OPDL License Holder at any time before the registration deadline.
  • Player commitments can be renewed between an OPDL player and an OPDL License Holder after October 1st of the current year and before the registration deadline.
  • For the purpose of this guide, the OPDL Player is defined by a player that has been assigned to an OPDL team, either on the Main Roster or Sub-Roster.
  • OPDL Players are not eligible to participate in Trials between December 1st and January 15th due to their designated resting period.



OPDL Trials - Phases

OPDL License Holders are required to conduct player trials following the trial phases outlined below and detailed on Appendix A:

    Phase I Non-OPDL Players Only

  • Objective: Identify Players Outside OPDL Environments
  • Activities: Open Trials and Invitation Only Trial
  • Period: September 1st, to January 31st. 

    Phase II OPDL Players

  • Objective: Select players for Main Roster
  • Activity: Open Trials and Invitation Only Trial
  • Period: October 31st to November 30th,  & January 15th to January 31st

    Phase III Any Player

  • Objective: Select additional players for Main Roster and Sub-Roster if applicable
  • Activity: Open Trials and Invitation Only Trial
  • Period: February 1st to April 31st


Open Trials

  • An open trial is open to players who desire an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to participate within an OPDL License Holder and is of the appropriate age for registration and gender for the team’s designation.
  • OPDL Players are eligible to participate on Open Trials during “Phase II” and “Phase III”.
  • No more than 35 players should be allowed at each open trial to provide for a more responsible evaluation process.
  • A player must have the opportunity to attend a minimum of three of these events before a final decision is made on that player.
  • License Holders are permitted to charge a reasonable fee for a player to participate in an open trial. Fee should be designated to cover operational costs to run trials.
  • Players may attend more than one open trial simultaneously with different OPDL License Holders.


Invitation Only Trials

  • After conducting open trials, invitation only trials can occur at any time in accordance with timelines.
  • An invitation only trial involves the interested OPDL License Holder contacting and asking for only specific players to return for further trials.
  • No player shall undertake more than one invitation-only trial at a time.
  • A player may attend a new invitation only trial once an existing invitation-only trial has been completed.
  • A player may attend a different invitation-only trial once the organizers of the existing trial have been informed in writing that the player wishes to terminate that trial.


Assessment Focus During a Trial

During a trial, a player should be evaluated using an LTPD-centered holistic approach (e.g., four-corner model) which would include:
  • Technique unopposed.
  • Tactically, with exercises involving decision making and small-sided games.
  • Physically, with small-sided games and/or 11-a-side play.
  • Mentally, socially and emotionally with player conduct, interaction with others players, work ethic, commitment and ability to meet the challenges within the game environment.


Under Age Player Guidelines

  • The OSA and its Talented Pathway of LTPD support the philosophy of continually challenging its member players.
  • Players potentially moving up an age group within OPDL must have the ability to blend in (technically, physically, mentally and socially/emotionally) with players of the intended age group, without undue risk of suffering injury.
  • The selection of an underage player to the OPDL will be supported by the OSA if the player meets these guidelines.
  • The final selection of an underage player will be at the discretion of the OPDL License Holder.


Notification of Players Not Selected

  • It is not required for OPDL License Holders to provide verbal one-on-one feedback to players released from an open trial.
  • Players released from an invitation only trial must be given verbal feedback (minimum 15 minutes with player and player’s parents) as to why they were released.
  • Once the season has started, there is to be no releasing of players except in circumstances that are driven by and out of the control of the player’s family (e.g., a move out of the province).