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Head Coach:  
Asistant Coach: Matteo Cianfrone - OS - C - Licence
Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
           Team Site: knsc2005boys.teamsnap.com

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2005 Boys, Players Wanted

The 2005 KNSC boys program is very interested in adding players in all positions for the upcoming season. We are looking for players that have strong dedication and passion for the game.

The program is continuously looking for talented players with advanced skills and technical abilities in all positions. Experience in a Rep program is preferred, however if you have high energy and a competitive attitude with a willingness to work hard, you are welcome to show us.

Please visit the Team's Page and contact the Team Coach and Manager for more info.

KNSC 2004/2005 Boys Yoga


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Head Coach Armando Sá integrating the practice of Yoga into his training regimen for his teams at KNSC.


Why practice Yoga?  Well, soccer players can see great benefits from practicing Yoga not only to  improve flexibility and strength, but also to improve agility, co-ordination and concentration.  Soccer players who practice yoga are more likely to be more focused and less likely to endure an injury.  Yoga prepares your muscles for strenuous exercise, such as that of a soccer game, which involves a lot of running and sprinting where players can become tight and prone to injuries, Yoga, in turn,  can prevent muscle strains and joint stress 

Many top professionals advocate for yoga, saying it improves the longevity of an athlete’s playing career.  As an example, Ryan Giggs who has had an astonishing 963 appearances with Manchester United of the Premier League and who sustained a lot of injuries early in his career refers to yoga as his “Fountain of Youth” and a huge reason behind his ability to play into his 40s.

"It tests parts of your body that you just don’t use in football. The first time I did it, about five years ago, I was completely knackered. I went home from the training ground and slept for three hours in the afternoon. I actually dreaded yoga for the first year because it made muscles I didn’t know I had ache, although I know some of the lads think it’s really a bit soft." – Ryan Giggs

Some other examples of athletes incorporating the practice of yoga are: LeBron James, Nani and Rui Patricio etc.  

Yoga is simple and timeless and makes a great complement to your team sport. You will not only will see and feel the immediate benefit from only a single session, if you maintain a consistent yoga practice you will also realize the lasting benefits that go along with it.



Armando Sá