Development today is tomorrow's success

Our obsession with winning is the enemy of excellence in youth soccer! We have turned our attention away from developing excellence in our athletes, and now only focus on immediate success. 

  • There are many people, particularly in soccer, who think that success and excellence are the same thing. They are not the same thing.
  • Excellence is something that is lasting and dependable and largely within a person’s control.
  • In contrast, success is perishable and is often outside our control.
  • If you strive for excellence, you will probably be successful eventually.  People who put excellence in the first place have the patience to end up with success.
  • An additional burden for the victim of the success mentality is that he is threatened by the success of others and he resents real excellence. In contrast, the person that is fascinated by quality is excited when he sees it in others.”

Excellence is all about the process - while winning is all about the outcome.

Excellence promotes the growth mindset that Dr. Carol Deck has identified as crucial to learning and high-performance, while a focus on winning promotes the destructive, outcome oriented fixed mindset that fears failure and dismisses effort as meaningless.

Excellence allows room for failure and learning, while an obsession with winning does not.

Excellence based youth sports programs allow every player to develop on his or her own pace, while results oriented teams only use those players who can help them now. Excellence inevitably leads to success, while outcome-focused achievement rarely yields excellence.

TD - Bob de Klerk


Our obsession with winning is the enemy of excellence in youth soccer