KNSC Soccer Gear Drive, a Huge Success!

KNSC Gear Drive Success

Hello Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents. 

The KNSC Soccer Gear Drive was a HUGE Success!!  THANK-YOU to all, for your generous contributions of new and used soccer gear. Our Clubhouse lobby is overflowing with bags FULL of gear that will be well utilized in lesser privileged communities around the world.

This season, all of you received your NEW KNSC uniforms, and while this was a very exciting time of year for all of us - you all remembered those who do not share in this luxury.  So many of our membership helped those less fortunate than us by contributing to our #KNSC Clothing & Equipment Collection Drive.  Rather than tossing aside previous years gear, you helped by donating them to those who would be extremely happy to have a matching set of uniforms and soccer gear.  Aside from the slightly used soccer gear that we was collected, we will also received new unused equipment as well. Thank you everyone!  

Who Benefits
used gear3used gear2All donated items will be delivered to an underserved soccer community some place within the world. Part of our KNSC used clothes and soccer gear will be shipped to the Philippines and be received by Missionaries of Charity in Tacloban and be distributed to orphanages.  Other parts of our KNSC clothes and soccer gear are packed and shipped in December, through the Samaritans Purse operation, Christmas Child shoeboxes - they go all over the world to developing countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, Africa, Haiti, Costa Rica, Columbia etc.  All backpacks and soccer balls that were donated will be used for the backpack ministry and sent to northern Ontario through Georgian Native Ministry to serve school age First Nations children. 
At this time, this concludes our KNSC Used Gear Drive for the season. We ask that you now hold onto any subsequent donations and bring them NEXT YEAR. See you again next February!
Thankyou all again,
Tony Biagi
KNSC Board, Director of Communications
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