KNSC Keeper makes Ontario Team

Joey-Valenti-1#KNSC would like to give a big congratulations to the #1 man on our 2001 OPDL team for making the Provincial team. Keep it strong Joey Valenti.

Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your in heart you were meant to do! Hard Work + Dreams + Dedication = Success. Great mentors as coaches both from the OSA and the Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club. "Joey is the perfect example of what hard work, determination, and patience can do for the development of a player. We could all learn from Joey." Says Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club's Technical Director, Luciano Di Loreto.  Joey-Valenti-2

Mom always told him "prove to them (Coaches) this is what you want!". Boy does he!  Congratulations again Joey Valenti @valenti_joey
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