KNSC Player Development

ltpd-logoOne of the primary goals of the KNSC is to promote the game of soccer as a means of supporting the athletic and character building activities of its membership. Some of the positive results come in the form of physical activity, self-discipline, and team building.  All our programs are designed in accordance with the CSA Long Term Player Development plan to develop young soccer players through the early stages of their soccer careers through meaningful, well organized training sessions. The purpose of this is to give our young athletes all of the tools necessary to build the foundation for their future success both on and off the soccer field.  KNSC believes that ultimately, success is tied to proper training and consistent performance over the long-term rather than winning in the short-term or the “win early and win often” approach. The Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club is committed to long-term soccer and athletic development, loyal to the true spirit of the KNSC development philosophy. Absolute attention will be stressed during training sessions to incorporate all aspects of technical, tactical, physical, and mental training which will allow our players the greatest opportunity to reach their maximum level of athletic ability. Passion! Pride! Practice! Play!


At KNSC, the core success of our player development is contingent on the effectiveness of our coaching development, and so we have made it our top priority to develop and retain some of the finest young coaches in the province. With coaches ranging from Pre-B, Provincial B, National B, NSCAA Advanced Diploma, and UEFA A backgrounds.

Our mission as a club is “to promote and encourage youth to participate in the game of soccer and further sportsmanship by developing both soccer players and responsible citizens.”  In the execution of this mission, there is a fibre that runs through the organization that connects every player from the tender age of four right up through the later teenage years. It is created from passion, organization, alternate pathways, education, partnerships, core KNSC values, and a lifelong love for the world’s most beautiful game.


Long Term Player Development (LTPD)

CSA LTPD Program

The Canadian Soccer Association (Canada Soccer) is the official governing body for soccer in Canada. In partnership with its members, Canada Soccer promotes the growth and development of soccer in Canada, from grassroots to high performance, and on a national scale.  Soccer is the largest participatory sport in Canada and is considered the fastest growing sport in the country. It is estimated that within the next two to three years, the number of registered soccer players in Canada will reach over 1 million.

As coaches, teachers, administrators and parents, we need to look at the big picture for Canadian soccer. We want to develop “star” players who can play on the big stage, but we also want to encourage recreational players who can benefit from the health aspects of soccer and give back to the game for years to come as coaches, officials, and administrators.

Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) is the Canadian Soccer Association’s pathway to success on both fronts. LTPD is a player-centred approach that provides guidelines for correct training, competition, and recovery based on scientific principles of human development and athlete training, combined with the knowledge of expert coaches.

Player-centred means we respect the developmental needs of our players first and foremost. We ensure that our young players have fun while they learn so they want to continue playing. It also means we provide challenging opportunities for special talents so they can develop their abilities and pursue excellence. All of these needs are addressed in the seven stages of LTPD.


Wellness to the World Cup

WellnessLTPD Logo2Canada Soccer's Wellness to World Cup Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model is designed to optimize Canadian excellence and lifelong wellness through soccer.

By ensuring fun playing experiences for children, a suitable player development pathway for youth, and opportunities for lifelong participation for all players regardless of age, gender, ability or disability, LTPD provides a framework for the growth and success of the beautiful game in Canada.

Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) and Coaching  Education

ltpd-logoLTPD is a program for soccer development, training, competition and recovery based on biological age (physical maturity) rather than chronological age. It is player-centered, coach-driven and supported by administration, sport science and sponsors alike.



  • Eliminates gaps in the player development system
  • Guides planning for optimal athlete performance at all stages
  • Provides a framework for program alignement and integration, from volunteer club coaches to national and professional teams
  • Follows scientific principles and pratical coaching experiences

stages of LTDP

Benefits for players & parents

  • Better understanding of what makes a good soccer program
  • More players learning at their level and having fun
  • Appropriate game and league structures (e.g. size of balls, goals, fields, etc.)
  • More opportunity for players to realize their athletic potential
  • More coaches who are knowledgeable in leading safe, effective practices


Benefits for coaches & clubs

  • Information and education on effective coaching and practice methods
  • Guidelines for appropriate game structures
  • Guidelines for appropriate competition levels
  • Established pathways for player development for all levels of ability and ambition
  • Affirmation of best practices for coaches and club administrators


Benefits for all

  • Competitive behaviour is fostered in players, while over-competitive behaviour is discouraged in adults (coaches and parents)
  • Players, parents, coaches and administrators understand that players are unique and therefore different in interest and aptitude
  • Players stay involved in the sport throughout their lives (as players, coaches, referees or club administrators)
  • Soccer grows, and lifelong wellness is promoted for players of all ages, genders and levels of ability and disability
  • With LTPD as the guide, the OSA Coaching Department has launched new online resources for coaches working at all levels of the game in Ontarios)
  • Under CSA leadership, LTPD now supports the framework for high-quality programs that ensure enjoyable lifelong playing opportunities for players of all levels of ability
  • Coaches can enter the pathway at any level ie, a coach who is coaching 7 year olds can start their coach development at Stage 2, FUNdamentals.  
  • Unlike the previous program there is no requirement to take Stage 1, Active Start. Coaches can now take courses directly related to the needs of the players they coach.
  • The LTPD diagram shows how the OSA Coach Development programs align with the CSA's Long Term Player Development Pathway.